Scheana Shay revealed Monday that she’s a strong, independent woman who does things her way. 

Taking to Instagram from her hospital bed, Shay updated fans across the globe of her decision to have her eggs removed and frozen. 

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It’s a move that gives her more flexibility as a woman and more control over her own reproductive future. 

“Today’s the day! Bye bye eggs! For me personally, this has been a very easy, painless and awesome experience,” she said in the caption to her Instagram photo, which showed her sitting in her hospital bed. 

While the young star was happy with her experience, she noted that it may not be the same for others. 

“Everyone is different, I’m sure,” she said in conclusion. 

It’s no surprise to fans of Vanderpump Rules that Shay went ahead with the procedure to freeze her eggs. 

Prior to the Instagram update, she had said in a statement to Us Weekly that she had already started the process of freezing her eggs. 

It’s a move that she said she wasn’t looking forward to. 

“I’m not looking forward to it. But I know it would be very selfish of me to not do it now and then be like 40 and find the love of my life and be like, “I should have frozen my eggs when I was 33,” she said in her statement. 

Now she can live with no regrets. With the process officially over, she can now be prepared to meet her future lover at any time. 

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