Stassi Schroder’s holiday celebrations took a hit Monday when Lisa Vanderpump took to Twitter to teach her a little history lesson. 

Schroeder, who spent the majority of Monday’s episode discussing her new holiday, National Outfit of the Day, at one point interjected that it was an honor that even Vanderpump couldn’t lay claim to.

“I had to find what this company was that does all of these national holidays, and then they were like, well, you have to get a website, and so then once they approved it, I’m a f—king holiday owner,” she said, adding, “Lisa doesn’t even own a holiday.”

Vanderpump didn’t waste any time in responding. 

The multimillionaire reality star went to Twitter to issue a swift and pointed public correction. 

“I actually do @stassi March 1 is Lisa Vanderpump Day in Beverly Hills” read Vanderpump’s Monday night tweet. 

It seems a little research on Schroeder’s part should have been in order. 

Vanderpump was awarded a key to the city and honored with her on holiday in Beverly Hills in 2011. 

Jimmy Delshad, then mayor of Beverly Hills, made the declaration in 2011 in response to Vanderpump’s “philanthropic” work. 

Schroeder has yet to issue a reply back to Vanderpump’s clapback, but we guess that she’ll think more deeply next time before trying to one-up the Vanderpump boss. 

For now, it’s worth congratulating both women on their incredible accomplishments as both have earned a holiday in their honor. 


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