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dishonest practices, poor customer service

The Realreal staff members cancelled a fully completed online transaction to enable a staff member to take a sold item from a customer for the purposes of reselling to another customer and/or for their own profit. This has occurred to me twice this week. My order number R336105046 was canceled on 10/2/23, and the item was sold to another customer. Today, 10/5, order number R557818362 was also canceled, and the item was taken from my completed transaction list and sold to another customer. I immediately contacted The Real Real's customer service and spoke with Gabriel, who confirmed that my purchase had been canceled because another customer in their physical store desperately desired the item, so they canceled my order and sold it to her. He acknowledged that this was wrong but provided no solution. Upon speaking to another member of their support team, named Carson, he investigated and found that it wasn't for another customer but a purchase by a member of staff, which he stated was against RealReal's policy. It's evident that these policies are not being enforced. After items are paid for and transactions are concluded, taking items from a customer amounts to theft. The RealReal staff members have no right to take them back or resell them without the permission of the customers who had completed their purchase. This practice is appalling and fraudulent, in addition to undermining the trust and credibility for those purchasing items from RealReal.

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