Jax Taylor has at last revealed the reasons behind him blocking a handful of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars after filming with them for the eighth season of the show earlier this year.

Jax explained both unfollowing and blocking a number of his friends and co-stars such as Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and Kirsten Doute.

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Despite having attended his wedding Jax revealed that he ‘goes through phases on social media’ specifying that it’s usually after a couple of drinks that he goes through the blocking phase.

Jax continued by opening up about the advice he’d received from Andy Cohen, who suggests he mute people instead of blocking them to not give them the satisfaction.

Jax continued by stating he has no interest in simply muting people and that he would rather block them. 

Jax has previously alluded to not being on good terms with both Tom and Ariana but that his decision to block them doesn’t put an end to his love for them or change that he considers Tom his best friend.

Tom explained he needs a break from his co-workers due to them spending copious amounts of time together both while filming and in day-to-day life – which he notes as being different to casts on other shows.

Claiming this time together is what causes him to block his co-stars, Jax compared it to how when you tend to get annoyed with your brother or sister if you hang out with them for too long.

Absolving his wife from any involvement, Jax revealed she is never mad with anyone.

Jax has recently blocked Scheana Marie in addition to his other blocked co-stars but has told her she shouldn’t take it personally to which she has responded by unfollowing him in return.

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