50 Cent Calls Lala Kent A ‘Drunk’; Randall Emmett’s Ex-Wife Ambyr Childers Reacts

Ambyr Childers has been enjoying the latest spat between the fiancée of her ex-husband, Randall Emmet and the famous rapper, 50 cent. 50 cent hit back by slamming Lala Kent as ‘a drunk’ after she claimed she had “bruised his ego” by insulting him during his previous spat with her fiancé.

Taking aim, 50 cent alluded to Kent’s past behavior and admittances in a series of hard-hitting Instagram posts. One of the posts consisted of a short video of Kent admitting on tv that she had slept with her fiancé, Emmet, upon the first time meeting him coupled with “no caption needed lol”. Another referred to Kent having admitted to being “drunk for four days in Disneyland.” with 50 cent tacking her has a ‘drunk h**’ who can’t remember things.

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Childers, who has had her fair share of feuds with the soon-to-be wife of her ex-husband, replied by sharing a screenshot Shared from Bravo comments stating “Oh boy … here we go again” and “I’m going to need a glass of wine for this.”

Many followers believe Childers has reason to rejoice in the drama due to her complicated and heavy past with Kent.

Childers has repeatedly implored that Kent not post pictures of her children online until she has officially become their step-mother. With Kent continuing to post ‘family pictures’ despite Childer’s protestations some have taken aim at Emmet, calling him out for not standing up for the mother of his children.

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