Not long after Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules tweeted out what appeared to be criticism of the show’s production team and left fans wondering about the show’s authenticity, she came back to Twitter yet again to clarify her comment. 

Madix’s original tweet took aim at what she called the “‘toms are idiots’ schtick,” and by the tweet’s tone, it seemed obvious that it was a shot at the show’s production staff. 

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“Why can’t it just be real,” she asked her fans on Twitter, in an apparent attempt to suggest that the portrayal of Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz on the show was somehow fake. 

After receiving backlash and questions from fans, Madix quickly clarified that she didn’t mean that the show was poorly edited. 

So whose fault is it? 

Fans can only assume that Madix’s tweet was aimed at her bosses Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. It’s a move that, while odd, would at least explain to viewers what she meant by the portrayal not being real. 

From what fans gather, Madix reportedly believes that the image given off of the two Toms by Vanderpump and Todd is unrealistic and doesn’t reflect the true level of support the couple puts in them. 

It’s a theory that Madix seems to back, agreeing with a fan who noted that if they were really as dumb as they are portrayed on the show, it’s unlikely that Madix’s bosses would put any degree of trust in them. 

And let’s not forget that Sandoval has a stake in the Vanderpump’s up-and-coming restaurant, suggesting that Madix’s tweet may have more weight behind it than some want to believe. 

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