As if there weren’t already enough drama on Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute is now actually accusing James Kennedy’s mom of robbing a bank and even stealing money from her to pay for Botox. 

And yes—you read that correctly. 

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While the Vanderpump Rules star won’t be pressing charges (good news for the Kennedys), her allegations do leave some fans reeling in shock. 

The Good Time Tea first reported Doute’s allegations, claiming that the Vanderpump Rules star admitted to the bank robbery while drunk. It was in this same conversation on The B***h Bible that Doute accused Kennedy of stealing money for Botox. 

While some of Kennedy’s fans may chalk Doute’s allegations up to the fact that she hates Kennedy’s son James, Doute gave eerily-specific details about the alleged bank robbery. 

According to her, Kennedy once worked at a bank and that one day when her coworker went into labor, she decided it was time for a change. Bagging up $28,000 in cash, Kennedy left the bank and took her family to Beverly Hills and never looked back. 

But if Doute is to be believed, Kenney’s thievery didn’t stop there. She claims that one day she discovered a $400 Botox purchase on her credit card—and she instantly knew that it wasn’t hers. 

She claims that after confronting Kennedy about it, the older woman admitted to stealing her card. 

Luckily for Doute, however, she agreed to pay off the purchase over time. 

See—some stories do get a happy ending. 

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