James Kennedy’s Weakness? His Dog, Graham Cracker

If you’ve ever wondered if the Vanderpump Rules DJ has a soft spot, you’ve got your answer.

He does—and it’s one of the cutest ones imaginable.

Graham Cracker, the dog Kennedy owns with his girlfriend Raquell Leviss, has apparently turned the famous DJ into a big softie.

In a recent Instagram post, Kennedy showed a photograph of him standing over colorful balls. The caption? “Graham’s gonna go crazy, when he sees what he got him!”

Okay, we must admit that got us pretty excited. What exactly could the superstar DJ be giving to his dog?

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New haircut! Took a whole inch off my hair! What do you think?

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As it turns out, Graham’s gift was fit to make any dog jealous. Just minutes after the original Instagram post, Kennedy uploaded another. This one featured Graham Cracker playing in a miniature ball pit that was complete with a basketball hoop and tunnel.

To caption the post, Kennedy wrote, “OMG he loves it.”


To be honest, we think we would too (it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a ball pit).

It seems that the dog of the Vanderpump Rules DJ is more than a little spoiled. It’s obvious that Kennedy and Graham Cracker share a strong bond.

To check out more of Kennedy’s antics, make sure to keep up with Vanderpump Rules. Also follow the DJ on Instagram to find out how he (and Graham Cracker) are doing. Who knows? 

Maybe next time, Kennedy will buy the lovable pooch something even more extravagant. Whatever the case, we are sure he’ll love it.


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