Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both have become synonymous with drama in recent years, and nothing better represents this than the fact that two A-list celebrities had a “major blowout” at their wedding. 

This time, however, it looks as if all the drama was Chrissy Teigen’s fault. 

Though Teigen has become a household name of her own since making her debut in 2010, the young model noted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that it was likely her own inferiority complex that made her lash out at her bae John Legend at the wedding. 

“I think I was really intimidated, and I think I came from a lot of insecurity,” she said, adding, “There was a lot of fabulous and amazing people in the room, and I think that’s what it stemmed from.”

The star’s surprising admission shows that anyone can be intimidated—no matter how famous they are. 

Legend, for his part, downplayed the significance of the whole event. 

“I don’t think they knew,” he said of the other guests of the wedding after admitting that he had already forgotten what they were arguing about. 

Teigen, however, quickly shot back. 

“Oh, everyone knew!” she retorted. 

It’s clear that Teigen has yet to forgive herself for the 2014 event. 

Speaking of the argument, she noted that it was “a major blowout to the point” that she “feel[s] like apologizing for it” every time she sees Kim and Kanye. 

We’re sure, however, that this will be a story Teigen and Legend tell their own children one day. 


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