Katie Maloney-Schwartz got a lot of attention on her birthday—but no one gave her quite as big a shout out as her husband Tom. 

Though she was celebrated by her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast members Wednesday, it was Tom who sent the biggest birthday wish—and left some fans wondering if they were going to leave LA in the process. 

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Noting that he didn’t know how the pair had ended up on TV, Schwartz issued a heart-warming, if somewhat puzzling, January 16 Twitter update. 

“It’s her birthday! … Let’s collectively smother her with love. Maybe today we all tattoo ‘Bubba’ on our ass cheeks in her honor. Happy birthday my love,” he said in the first part of his Tweet. 

But it was the second part that caught the public’s attention. 

“Ps How weird is it that we are on a TV together? Cant wait to live on a loving ranch with you some day and have 9 dogs, 2 llamas, 2 pigs, a few chameleons, for sure some newts and salamanders. Definitely some uromastyx. Lots of rescue creatures. Probably some goats. I suppose a few humans as well.”

Could Tom be suggesting that the pair will leave LA and find a farm? 

The star’s tweet remains unclear. Could there really be secret plans for the couple to retire from TV life and find a nice, relaxing farm? 

Or could it just be that Schwartz’s tongue-in-cheek message is meant to pull our legs? 

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