Fans of Vanderpump Rules were shocked Monday, as James Kennedy’s mother, Jacqueline Georgiou, made a surprise visit to Lisa Vanderpump. 

In it, she tried to win her son’s job back following his body-shaming comments to Katie Maloney-Schwartz. 

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Lisa, who was forced to choose between keeping James or Katie, had no choice but to let James go after his inappropriate marks. 

Though many fans agreed with Lisa’s decision, they were shocked to see that she and James’s family were actually family friends. 

Not only that, it was through his family’s connection to the Vanderpump family that James got his job in the first place. 

Despite being hinted at throughout the series, this bombshell information finally verified rumors that some fans had all along. 

Despite this, Lisa and James never clarified the exact nature of their relationship—that is, not on the show at least. 

Lisa finally told of the two families’ connection in an interview with The Daily Dish. In it, Lisa reveals the real reason the two families already know each other, putting to bed fans’ questions about the matter. 

Unfortunately, the answer may not be as exciting as some fans were hoping for. 

That’s right—there’s no secret, intertwined history between the two families. 

“We’re not that close,” Lisa revealed in her The Daily Dish interview, before noting that they had met through a mutual friend (the most exciting part of this story is probably that this friend is actually Bruno Tonioli, a judge on Dancing with the Stars). 

Lisa noted that she met James’s family around the first season of the show and accepted their request to give their son a job. 

But other than that, the families aren’t connected at all. 

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