I always imagined one of the best perks of being an Uber or Lyft driver (besides the extra $) would be the people and stories you encounter along your way. Everyone uses it so you’re bound to run into a celebrity or two and one driver came to us with a story from not even 24 hours ago with RHONY’s own Dorinda Medley. Read below:

“I .. am… shaking..
So I do a car ride service whenever I have a free time and today I decided to do it. I start my thing, and usually I just park and wait and read until I get a request. 10 minutes goes by, I get a request and I accepted.

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As soon as I accepted, the name “Dorinda” popped up and to much of my chagrin I think of nothing. But of course I’m secretly thinking, huh how many New Yorkers do I know with the name dorinda? It would be wild if I get the actual RHONY Dorinda. BUT, in case if it is the actual dorinda let me spray myself with some Chanel hoping to make a good first impression with some awesome smelling Chanel.

I pull up to the location, I see a woman wearing a gold Chanel tweed jacket and white jeans, blond hair with glasses on top of her head. IT IS FUCKING DORINDA OMFG! She comes in and I confirm the name:

Me: Hi, Dorinda?

D: that’s it.

Inside, I was feeling all sorts of emotion. I was shaking. I wanted to cry. Her orchid scent graced my car and she begins to call a guy (not sure who) and they go into a deep conversation. She mentions someone is a “big narcissist”, she mentioned Luann and how she needs to take a break and that she’d be willing to lend her berkshires residence as a place to relax or something. Then she said something which I’m never going to forget “it is so hard to find good people”

We pull up to the destination, and I mustered every strength and courage to ask for pictures.

Me: um..I love you 😭 I’m a big fan

D: omg! That’s so nice! (With a big grin)

Me: can we take a picture?

D: of course!

Me: 😭 thank you! You better take the reigning queen title next season now that bethenny is leaving

D: heheheheheh yay (as she rubs my shoulder and my shirt, which I’m never going to wash btw)

D: bye so nice to meet you!

I.. have gone to heaven y’all. I wanted to ask her if she can clip me with her slurry voice but decided to hold back because she was nice to me.


– u/tilterizer

Olivia Harper

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