Fans of Vanderpump Rules picked up on some serious beef between stars James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval Monday night as Kennedy took a moment to criticize his co-celebrity. 

And some fans are wondering why. 

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Kennedy, who has proven to be quite controversial on the show, has made a habit of initiating conflict with others. Fans of the series are quick to remember his fat-shaming comments against Maloney-Schwartz and have come to characterize him through his persistently-negative attitudes. 

He lived up to the hype Monday, as he dissed his fellow co-star for the way he spends his money. 

Kennedy’s comments come in a specific context. While discussing products he splurged on, Kennedy noted that he does a lot to buy products for the upkeep of his hair. 

Even still, he noted, he believed that Sandoval spent even more—something that Kennedy took a chance to poke a little fun at. 

“I’ve got better hair than Tom, still.”

It’s a comment made in true Kennedy style. The overly confident—or perhaps cocky—celebrity also took a few extra moments to praise his own hair. It’s a move that Vanderpump Rules fans aren’t in the least bit surprised by. 

“I’ve just got great hair,” he noted in the same interview. “So I make anything work.”

As far as Kennedy’s last statement, the jury’s still out. We’ll keep our opinion to ourselves and let fans of the series decide for themselves. 

Who do you think rocks their hair better? Sandoval or Kennedy? 

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