The cat’s out of the bag on some of Beau Clark’s darkest secrets. 

Girlfriend Stassi Schroeder made sure to reveal classified information about Beau in December in an interview with The Daily Dish. 

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“He’s just a nerd,” she said, referencing his love for the Star Wars franchise and for Legos. 

“And don’t even get me started on all the Marvel movies I have to watch at home.” 

When it came to her new boyfriend’s fashion, Stassi didn’t hold back. 

“He wears overalls, shoes that are hot pink.

“He only wears Vans actually, so it has to be bright colors,” she said before adding one final barb to Beau—who was seated off camera. 

“You’re just kind of a freak.”

Despite her pointed language, Stassi didn’t waste any time in revealing just why the young couple is together. 

“He’s just the best person that I know,” she said. “Literally, the kindest, best person.” 

“I have never seen him ever treat anyone with not the highest respect ever, so he’s just overall a really great person.” 

Stassi’s glowing comments reveal just what she truly thinks of her new boyfriend. The couple, who met during their Vanderpump Rules stint, is still enjoying their puppy love stage, but we can’t say that we’re not enjoying it. 

We know love when we see it, and judging from the way Stassi’s eyes literally glowed when talking about Beau, it’s safe to say that this couple won’t be breaking up any time in the near future. 

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