Lala Kent may have had the support of her fellow Vanderpump Rules ladies Tuesday night on What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, but some fans may still be scratching their heads at the young star’s hypocrisy. 

On the Tuesday-night program, Kent was asked about her infamous Season 5 comment in which she appeared to body shame her fellow SUVers. 

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“I can see that everybody here has not been working on their summer bodies,” she said at the time, after both she and James were turned away by the girls. 

Though her comment drew a lot of controversy at the time for its body-shaming nature, it appears as though Lala wants to leave it in the past. 

“I apologized,” she said, noting that she no longer makes those comments. “And I’m the type of person where if you apologize, it means you’re not going to do it again,” she continued. 

When addressing the comparisons that have been made between her comment and Kennedy’s behavior, she drew a hard and fast line. 

“There’s a ginormous difference,” she said, doubling down on her growth. 

“This is still happening today, last week, yesterday, right now,” she said, of James’s repeatedly bad behavior. 

Her response drew on her earlier comments that her body-shaming comment “was such a long time ago.” 

Fortunately for Lala, her fellow SUVers had her back. 

For her part, Lala did note that she can understand where James’s behavior comes from, suggesting that he had a problem with alcohol abuse. 

James, on the other hand, remains painfully aware of the tensions growing between him and the ladies.

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